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« What kind of harness would a Queen’s dog wear? »

This is where everything began with POSHYC. 



The Brand Poshyc has been founded and inspired by an unconditional history of love for a dog.

The Founder, Marina Eskenazi from Paris Living in Miami, Inventor with patents in fashion (2) and architecture construction Glass - Windows smart systems, (Heka Technology). After years of exclusive use of her invention "The Cross Harness, "Inspired by and made for her "Muse" French Bulldog "Ooggy," ​

In 2019, the inventor finally decided to create a Cross Harness Fashion collection to complete the perfect style to the fashion dog owners like her and launched the Brand POSHYC. ​ 


Classy Luxury, Elegance is the main words that define the Brand POSHYC. Exclusively US hand-made design, with particular attention to creating exceptional pieces with unique lines and an interplay of fine materials such as quality leathers and high-quality crystals jewels and details . 

Since 2019, The Brand has now developed

by creating, its own accessories Collection for Women, Girls, and Men


And as World Exclusivity Poshyc presents and offers 

a colorful collection of The CrossBody Fashion Harness Women

an official Patented Invention.

With "The CrossBody Women", Poshyc"became The first Exclusive Brand in the World to offer his new type of Fashion Accessory, .


A New type of Fashion Accessories that gives this unique Empowering Style.


“We are driven to create exceptional pieces with unique lines and an interplay of fine material, with the goal in mind of completing a perfect Style”   Marina E.





Miami, FL USA


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